Reel 2012 Nov12

Reel 2012

Compilation of the most relevant jobs carried out by Visual Loop. Multiple customers and agencies. Cinema, television, advertising and corporate. More than 8 years of constant work and overcame challenges.

Timelapse Apr12


Nature, people, facilities and modernity. The bases of Iberdrola are joined in an audio-visual conceived for a spectacular dimension double screen. The first screen allows seeing, when it is turned off, what the back screen shows.

Salvador Feb08


The story of a daily miracle. A kid and a miracle. The gaze of an innocent saves the lives of several people. An innovative story. Pure humanity. A Goya Award.

Fénix Directo Collage II

Fénix Directo’s world is a 3D world. Motion comics with characters, situations and cars. A motorbike in the desert. Easy rider. Putting petrol in and manipulating a GPS. Getting home.

Músicas N Launch Jul11

Músicas N Launch

“Músicas N” is introduced to everyone! If you want to enjoy music you need to feel it live! The place: The brand new San Anton´s market in Madrid. All the podcasts for that week were recorded live during an impressive party.

Lang Lang 3D Sep11

Lang Lang 3D

The internationally known pianist Lang Lang offers a holographic concert to Telefónica’s guests. He performs various pieces of his repertoire though a three-dimensional projection. Virtual presence for one of the genius of the contemporary music.

Closer than ever

A new means of agile, ecologic and comfortable transportation. Zaragoza is premiering and citizens will be able to live their city better. But it has a small cost: the inconvenience that the building works may mean. This campaign of the Zaragoza’s Council is aimed to make the citizen understands that to improve something is necessary to go through any inconveniency.

Internet a mano

A program based on internet contents which unveils to the spectator all he could never imagine. Surprises, but also advices, tutorials and everything an internet freaky has to know.

Trip to Bangkok Apr09

Trip to Bangkok

A double trip. A western man who visits Bangkok. A girl who goes to the capital. Their fates join and surprise the audience.

Deep in spain

Discovering Spain’s submarine nature parks was never so easy. This series puts at the spectator disposal the most beautiful submarine landscapes in the coast. Useful for scuba diving beginners and educational for powerful images enthusiasts.

Architecture and people Mar08

Architecture and peo...

Simple and smart animation. Short and direct message. People and buildings. A well done work.

Iberdrola Tower Sep11

Iberdrola Tower

Bilbao’s evolution goes together with the ria and Abandoibarra’s remodelling. The culmination of this process has a proper name: Torre Iberdrola. A bid of the Basque company for modernity and sustainability. Designed by the Argentinian architect César Pelli (Petronas Towers), Torre Iberdrola is a landmark of Spanish and worldwide architecture which puts Bilbao in the spotlight once again