Reel 2012 Nov12

Reel 2012

Compilation of the most relevant jobs carried out by Visual Loop. Multiple customers and agencies. Cinema, television, advertising and corporate. More than 8 years of constant work and overcame challenges.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Feb05

A Midsummer Night...

Levi`s introduces its new jeans collection in the Real Fábrica de Tapices. For it, Shakespeare’s Juliet and Romeo’s love is moved to the urban environment of the XXIst Century. Jeans made with love and a special presentation.

Heaven`s doors Feb06

Heaven`s doors

An epic story which is 3 stories. 3 mothers, 3 sons, 3 lives. Expressionist edition for a crossed story. Film directed by Swel and Imad Noury, filmed in Morocco in cinemascope.

Cuando corres Mar10

Cuando corres

Short Film (35mm).
Written and Directed by Mikel Rueda.
Sponsored by the Regional Government of Castilla la Mancha and Madrid.

When you run, you just can hear your own footsteps, your footsteps and your breath. Nothing else.

El día de los 200 Nov09

El día de los 200

Creating expectation. What does this new madness consist of? What are they going to do? Will it be my turn? What will happen to me? Will I be chosen? (For better or worse) What will happen to those 200 people? Are they going to disappear?

Proyecto star, redes inteligentes May10

Proyecto star, redes...

Iberdrola opens a strategic information centre for the company. During the inauguration ceremony, the President activates a system which turns it on. At that moment, an audio-visual fills the room with light and colour, moving the spectators to Iberdrola’s future.

Malta Radio May09

Malta Radio

Life is a great journey, but there are journeys in life which are worth various lives. Improving one’s life and his relatives’ is what moves a thousand people to emigrate to other countries. Sometimes, the migratory journey turns out to be dangerous, to the point that it may cost your life.

Lang Lang 3D Sep11

Lang Lang 3D

The internationally known pianist Lang Lang offers a holographic concert to Telefónica’s guests. He performs various pieces of his repertoire though a three-dimensional projection. Virtual presence for one of the genius of the contemporary music.

Ferrovial TV Dec09

Ferrovial TV

Roads, bridges, airports, buildings, construction works, engineering… Head for the best corporate news. TV news program code.
Passion, good choice, speed, perfection. Ferrovial.

Trip to Bangkok Apr09

Trip to Bangkok

A double trip. A western man who visits Bangkok. A girl who goes to the capital. Their fates join and surprise the audience.

Director´s Plan Feb13

Director´s Plan

Planning is important for a great corporation such as Banco Santander. In this case, one of its divisions, Santander University, is showing its future plans and how to carry them out to all its components. The best way: an explanatory and clear video.


Colour lines. Advices and suggestions mixing dynamism and modernity. New programs for the most feminine channel. Styling and exclusiveness.