Reel 2012 Nov12

Reel 2012

Compilation of the most relevant jobs carried out by Visual Loop. Multiple customers and agencies. Cinema, television, advertising and corporate. More than 8 years of constant work and overcame challenges.

Salvador Feb08


The story of a daily miracle. A kid and a miracle. The gaze of an innocent saves the lives of several people. An innovative story. Pure humanity. A Goya Award.

Executive meetings 09-10 Oct10

Executive meetings 0...

Telefónica’s world is a world of information and innovation. A world in which the audio-visual image is basic as a symbol of future, modernity and communication values which this corporation represents. For that, all the meetings are full of dynamic, attractive and, above all, corporate image.

New MSN site launch Dec10

New MSN site launch

MSN is premiering: New homepage design. Information which goes from hand to hand, generated by a team of professionals in every field. New projects and possibilities open up for MSN’s users.

ED welcomes us Oct09

ED welcomes us

Ed is always at your service. A nice character which perfectly represents the values of the event agency, EDT. High level modelling and 3D animation for a website with a message and lots of content.

Chancelors meeting Oct10

Chancelors meeting

Universia’s International Conference in Mexico. Bank’s executives, universities’s vice-chancellors and higher education agents’ meeting to make the cooperation among universities of the whole world and the students and knowledge interchange easier.

A day in the life Feb10

A day in the life

A student awarded by Banco Santander. The university branches and the Bank’s support to the World University Network. A Division with the future and the future for the students.

Músicas N May11

Músicas N

MSN’s new launching. A portal with the most interesting music podcasts. Programmed by 5 of the most known companies in the musical and cultural scene in Spain. A new launching every day from Monday to Friday. Every podcast has an own personality which makes them extraordinary.

Fuerte Apache Apr08

Fuerte Apache

Toni Darder (Juan Diego) works as a teacher in a children’s shelter. It’s not long for him to be retired and he feels the heavy charge of failure over his shoulders. He has given up hope in what he does and in his own fate, and, even though, dragged by the inertia and giving the best of him, he still stands on his ground working with children whose situations seem to be the same. However, the admission of Tariq, a Maghribian child, makes that something in his life is about to change.

Grant Holders Feb12

Grant Holders

Two Banco Santander’s awardees relate the achievements and the new aims of Universities Division. They explain to the spectator all the necessary to be brought up to date about the activity of this Division.

America´s cup 08 + Pioneers 09 Apr09

America´s cup 08 + P...

Iberdrola’s conventions are characterized by the importance of the visual elements. It is necessary to explain the results offered by the corporation to its investors, workers and to the society in an aesthetic and dynamic way. Through the audio-visual elements, the audience is sent a great quantity of well-organized messages in a clear and effective way.

Ferrovial TV Dec09

Ferrovial TV

Roads, bridges, airports, buildings, construction works, engineering… Head for the best corporate news. TV news program code.
Passion, good choice, speed, perfection. Ferrovial.