Reel 2012 Nov12

Reel 2012

Compilation of the most relevant jobs carried out by Visual Loop. Multiple customers and agencies. Cinema, television, advertising and corporate. More than 8 years of constant work and overcame challenges.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Feb05

A Midsummer Night...

Levi`s introduces its new jeans collection in the Real Fábrica de Tapices. For it, Shakespeare’s Juliet and Romeo’s love is moved to the urban environment of the XXIst Century. Jeans made with love and a special presentation.

Closer than ever

A new means of agile, ecologic and comfortable transportation. Zaragoza is premiering and citizens will be able to live their city better. But it has a small cost: the inconvenience that the building works may mean. This campaign of the Zaragoza’s Council is aimed to make the citizen understands that to improve something is necessary to go through any inconveniency.

El día de los 200 Nov09

El día de los 200

Creating expectation. What does this new madness consist of? What are they going to do? Will it be my turn? What will happen to me? Will I be chosen? (For better or worse) What will happen to those 200 people? Are they going to disappear?

150 Years. A Great Anniversary Apr11

150 Years. A Great Anniversary

It’s Iberdrolas birthday. Nothing less than 150 years!! The video about results starts from the basis of Iberdrola’s History to justify its regular good results.

An impossible wine Jul11

An impossible wine

In spite of being incredible for most people, the T”Tacoronte-Acentejo” Designation of Origin is excellent. Not only for its current results, but also for the result through the history. With this wine the Independence of the United States was signed and it is specially admired by the best testers in the world.

Trip to Bangkok Apr09

Trip to Bangkok

A double trip. A western man who visits Bangkok. A girl who goes to the capital. Their fates join and surprise the audience.

Foreigner Apr06


Rootlessness feeling. External movement vs immobility. Exterior. Cold and despair. The basis of Locking Shocking’s FOREIGNER collection.

Inside Out Feb11

Inside Out

Students, lecturers and Bank’s workers working together for High Education and Knowledge. An abstract environment which shows past and future work of Santander University Division. Once again, collective work redounds to the benefit of society, the benefit of all of us.

Innovation and Tradition Sep13

Innovation and Tradi...

A high level technologic and innovative meeting. Location: One of the best South American wine cellars located in Mendoza city (Argentina). The creation process of a good wine symbolizes, perfectly, the ideas of innovation and cultural ties in society.

Real, the movie Aug05

Real, the movie

A passion beyond frontiers, beyond sport. A passion which leads a million people’s life. Real Madrid. The best club of the world. The fight for self-improvement. The fight for victory. The daily fight for an aim. The White colour.


Objective: Producing a TV pilot program which translates into the audio-visual language the sections and the style of El Corte Inglés’ APTC magazine.