Reel 2012 Nov12

Reel 2012

Compilation of the most relevant jobs carried out by Visual Loop. Multiple customers and agencies. Cinema, television, advertising and corporate. More than 8 years of constant work and overcame challenges.


Objective: Producing a TV pilot program which translates into the audio-visual language the sections and the style of El Corte Inglés’ APTC magazine.

Cuando corres Mar10

Cuando corres

Short Film (35mm).
Written and Directed by Mikel Rueda.
Sponsored by the Regional Government of Castilla la Mancha and Madrid.

When you run, you just can hear your own footsteps, your footsteps and your breath. Nothing else.

Ferrovial TV Dec09

Ferrovial TV

Roads, bridges, airports, buildings, construction works, engineering… Head for the best corporate news. TV news program code.
Passion, good choice, speed, perfection. Ferrovial.

División América Jan09

División América

Three annual corporate videos. Banco Santander’s American Division documents and informs about its annual achievements and aims, always with an original, attractive and personal point of view.

Lang Lang 3D Sep11

Lang Lang 3D

The internationally known pianist Lang Lang offers a holographic concert to Telefónica’s guests. He performs various pieces of his repertoire though a three-dimensional projection. Virtual presence for one of the genius of the contemporary music.

Aerial Boxes Oct10

Aerial Boxes

Audio-visual graphic application for supporting the scenographic line of the Enel-Endesa Meeting 2010.

New content Dec10

New content

MSN is premiering: New homepage design. Information generated by a team of professionals in every field. New projects and possibilities open up for MSN’s users.

Closer than ever

A new means of agile, ecologic and comfortable transportation. Zaragoza is premiering and citizens will be able to live their city better. But it has a small cost: the inconvenience that the building works may mean. This campaign of the Zaragoza’s Council is aimed to make the citizen understands that to improve something is necessary to go through any inconveniency.

Foreigner Apr06


Rootlessness feeling. External movement vs immobility. Exterior. Cold and despair. The basis of Locking Shocking’s FOREIGNER collection.

Travelling around the world Feb12

Travelling around th...

Every year, Generali awards to its best salespeople trips though the all around the world. These trips are presented in incentive conventions through the whole country. This year, they wanted to surprise and break the routine.

Estopa x MSN Nov09

Estopa x MSN

Coincidence: Joint celebration of the tenth anniversary of MSN Messenger and the tenth anniversary of the Spanish band Estopa.