Fénix Directo Collage II

Fénix Directo’s world is a 3D world. Motion comics with characters, situations and cars. A motorbike in the desert. Easy rider. Putting petrol in and manipulating a GPS. Getting home.

Poker Face

Feature Film (35mm).
Directed by Carlos Therón.
Produced by Nacho Monge and Rafael Álvarez.
Cast: Julián Villagrán, Nacho Vidal, Marta Torné, Manolo Solo, Selu Nieto, José Luis García Pérez, Víctor Clavijo, Carolina Bona, Pepo Oliva, Pepón Nieto…

Our First Scholars

Ten years have gone by. Our lives have changed. We are not where we were anymore. We have evolved and built our lives. Some of us have been helped; helped by Banco Santander’s scholarship. Three scholarship holders by the first Banco Santander’s scholarship program have built their successful lives and they know that the help received was important.

The magnetic tree

Feature Film (35mm).
Written and directed by Isabel Ayguavives.
Produced by Nacho Monge, Rafael Álvarez and Sergio Gándara.
Cast: Manuela Martelli, Andrés Gertrudix, Catalina Saavedra, Gonzalo Robles…

Músicas N Launch ...

“Músicas N” is introduced to everyone! If you want to enjoy music you need to feel it live! The place: The brand new San Anton´s market in Madrid. All the podcasts for that week were recorded live during an impressive party.

Iberdrola Tower

Bilbao’s evolution goes together with the ria and Abandoibarra’s remodelling. The culmination of this process has a proper name: Torre Iberdrola. A bid of the Basque company for modernity and sustainability. Designed by the Argentinian architect César Pelli (Petronas Towers), Torre Iberdrola is a landmark of Spanish and worldwide architecture which puts Bilbao in the spotlight once again

Light pong masters

Viral piece included in a 360º campaign for Madrid City Council. Promotion of the energetic saving. Two young people and a friend of them who works as cameraman, record what they are able to do to turn their houses’ lights off. Extreme skill which mixes fun and global consciousness. Real or irreal? Controversial. Amazing. Viral.

Wake and patitos

Burn, Coca Cola’s energetic drink, is going to produce a film which documents the actions of artists and sportspeople who, applying creativeness to their disciplines, manage to create moments of real poetry. Amateurs filmed as professional stars. Creativeness and visual art.

A promise: ready for everyone

One more year, the results of the Energy Company, Endesa, are spectacular. And so we have to tell it. From the union of the energy and basketball emerges Endesa league. And this will be the narrative line which will lead the audience through Endesa’s economic landmarks in 2011.

El día de los 200

Creating expectation. What does this new madness consist of? What are they going to do? Will it be my turn? What will happen to me? Will I be chosen? (For better or worse) What will happen to those 200 people? Are they going to disappear?

The invisible eye

Feature Film (35mm).
Directed by Diego Lerman.
Produced by Nacho Monge, Rafael Álvarez y Nico Avruj.
Cast: Julieta Zylberberg, Osmar Núñez, Marta Lubos y Gabriela Ferreiro.

Real, the movie

A passion beyond frontiers, beyond sport. A passion which leads a million people’s life. Real Madrid. The best club of the world. The fight for self-improvement. The fight for victory. The daily fight for an aim. The White colour.

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