Reel 2012 Nov12

Reel 2012

Compilation of the most relevant jobs carried out by Visual Loop. Multiple customers and agencies. Cinema, television, advertising and corporate. More than 8 years of constant work and overcame challenges.


Colour lines. Advices and suggestions mixing dynamism and modernity. New programs for the most feminine channel. Styling and exclusiveness.

Mode ON Feb14

Mode ON

Iberdrola becomes ‘ON’. A corporation connected to the world and reality; to people: its workers, its shareholders or customers. A new stage starts for Iberdrola. There’s just to press the button to start.

Health movement Mar10

Health movement

Sanofi Aventis, world pharmaceutical leader, relates its achievements and projects in two corporate videos. Facilities, workers, welfare projects… Sanofi’s universe is full of colour and health.

Timelapse Apr12


Nature, people, facilities and modernity. The bases of Iberdrola are joined in an audio-visual conceived for a spectacular dimension double screen. The first screen allows seeing, when it is turned off, what the back screen shows.

Trip to Bangkok Apr09

Trip to Bangkok

A double trip. A western man who visits Bangkok. A girl who goes to the capital. Their fates join and surprise the audience.

Fuerte Apache Apr08

Fuerte Apache

Toni Darder (Juan Diego) works as a teacher in a children’s shelter. It’s not long for him to be retired and he feels the heavy charge of failure over his shoulders. He has given up hope in what he does and in his own fate, and, even though, dragged by the inertia and giving the best of him, he still stands on his ground working with children whose situations seem to be the same. However, the admission of Tariq, a Maghribian child, makes that something in his life is about to change.

Visual Loop V 1.0 Oct07

Visual Loop V 1.0

Visual Loop’s first corporate website. Totally handcrafted. A flash of design with elements in 3D video. An own universe. A custom-made image.

Annual RFEDA awards Dec11

Annual RFEDA awards

Every year, the Spanish Federation of Motoring (Federación Española de Automovilismo (RFEdA)) gives awards to its best sportsmen, as well as honour and appreciation prizes. Different categories with different personalities. The Spanish motoring feast which, at the same time, is the acknowledgement of an effort and victory year.

A team Apr10

A team

Another Iberdrola’s great bid. Giving a boost to national sports to get international achievements. Iberdrola and the Spanish National Football Team. They still don’t know, but they will be World Champions.

Realia´s worlds Jun08

Realia´s worlds

A route through the most representative buildings of the company. The great value of the company is that which the most representative buildings of it represent. Paris, Madrid, Barcelona… Architectonic view of the image. 3D design and 2D graphism to create Realia’s universe. An own and attractive world with a great potential.

Origami Jan12


Origami, oriental discipline, based on reflection and action. Turning a material into a new shape by a considered fold. Transformation. Search of new aims and modus operandi. New strategies.