Reel 2012 Nov12

Reel 2012

Compilation of the most relevant jobs carried out by Visual Loop. Multiple customers and agencies. Cinema, television, advertising and corporate. More than 8 years of constant work and overcame challenges.

Músicas N Launch Jul11

Músicas N Launch

“Músicas N” is introduced to everyone! If you want to enjoy music you need to feel it live! The place: The brand new San Anton´s market in Madrid. All the podcasts for that week were recorded live during an impressive party.

Our First Scholars Feb13

Our First Scholars

Ten years have gone by. Our lives have changed. We are not where we were anymore. We have evolved and built our lives. Some of us have been helped; helped by Banco Santander’s scholarship. Three scholarship holders by the first Banco Santander’s scholarship program have built their successful lives and they know that the help received was important.

Investor Day Oct11

Investor Day

Banco Santander’s International Conference in London. The red bank spreads through the British Islands; and through the world. The red colour goes through the London sky, close to the Big Ben, together with the red urban buses.

Closer than ever

A new means of agile, ecologic and comfortable transportation. Zaragoza is premiering and citizens will be able to live their city better. But it has a small cost: the inconvenience that the building works may mean. This campaign of the Zaragoza’s Council is aimed to make the citizen understands that to improve something is necessary to go through any inconveniency.

Executive meetings 09-10 Oct10

Executive meetings 0...

Telefónica’s world is a world of information and innovation. A world in which the audio-visual image is basic as a symbol of future, modernity and communication values which this corporation represents. For that, all the meetings are full of dynamic, attractive and, above all, corporate image.

El día de los 200 Nov09

El día de los 200

Creating expectation. What does this new madness consist of? What are they going to do? Will it be my turn? What will happen to me? Will I be chosen? (For better or worse) What will happen to those 200 people? Are they going to disappear?

A new team May11

A new team

A new race season is starting. The best team in Europe is getting ready for the new competition. The champions must be introduced to their audience. The trucks’ European competition has a name: Cepsa Team.

New model

Promotional piece for emission on TV as a program sponsorship. Emission on Antena 3 TV.

Health movement Mar10

Health movement

Sanofi Aventis, world pharmaceutical leader, relates its achievements and projects in two corporate videos. Facilities, workers, welfare projects… Sanofi’s universe is full of colour and health.

Intelligent Energy Jun10

Intelligent Energy

Energy is not created nor destroyed. Endesa is able to convert that energy with intelligence; converting energy in welfare for customers, workers and shareholders.

New MSN site launch Dec10

New MSN site launch

MSN is premiering: New homepage design. Information which goes from hand to hand, generated by a team of professionals in every field. New projects and possibilities open up for MSN’s users.