Reel 2012 Nov12

Reel 2012

Compilation of the most relevant jobs carried out by Visual Loop. Multiple customers and agencies. Cinema, television, advertising and corporate. More than 8 years of constant work and overcame challenges.

Architecture and people Mar08

Architecture and peo...

Simple and smart animation. Short and direct message. People and buildings. A well done work.

Iberdrola Tower Sep11

Iberdrola Tower

Bilbao’s evolution goes together with the ria and Abandoibarra’s remodelling. The culmination of this process has a proper name: Torre Iberdrola. A bid of the Basque company for modernity and sustainability. Designed by the Argentinian architect César Pelli (Petronas Towers), Torre Iberdrola is a landmark of Spanish and worldwide architecture which puts Bilbao in the spotlight once again

Mode ON Feb14

Mode ON

Iberdrola becomes ‘ON’. A corporation connected to the world and reality; to people: its workers, its shareholders or customers. A new stage starts for Iberdrola. There’s just to press the button to start.

Visual Loop V 1.0 Oct07

Visual Loop V 1.0

Visual Loop’s first corporate website. Totally handcrafted. A flash of design with elements in 3D video. An own universe. A custom-made image.

Jingle bells x Coca Cola Dec09

Jingle bells x Coca ...

A Christmas card for Coca Cola Spain. A gospel choir and a beatboxer wish a merry Christmas with a customize song for each person, as it includes their names. Surprise and happiness wishes for the most Christmas Brand. Red colour, music and good sense of humour.

Inside Out Feb11

Inside Out

Students, lecturers and Bank’s workers working together for High Education and Knowledge. An abstract environment which shows past and future work of Santander University Division. Once again, collective work redounds to the benefit of society, the benefit of all of us.

Deep in spain

Discovering Spain’s submarine nature parks was never so easy. This series puts at the spectator disposal the most beautiful submarine landscapes in the coast. Useful for scuba diving beginners and educational for powerful images enthusiasts.

New content Dec10

New content

MSN is premiering: New homepage design. Information generated by a team of professionals in every field. New projects and possibilities open up for MSN’s users.


    SOSEGADO 2013


    Intelligence and technology Jun11

    Intelligence and tec...

    Intelligence is Endesa’s development base. Doing things well, with a clear and defined objective; with solid, sustainable and social lines. People who work for people and who give the energy back as welfare and wealth.

    Malta Radio May09

    Malta Radio

    Life is a great journey, but there are journeys in life which are worth various lives. Improving one’s life and his relatives’ is what moves a thousand people to emigrate to other countries. Sometimes, the migratory journey turns out to be dangerous, to the point that it may cost your life.