Visual Loop is a creative studio focused on audiovisual production and communication. We search for the idea, we design it and we produce it.

Visual Loop is founded in 2004 by Eloy González and Goyo Villasevil, two directors with a long career in advertising, and in 2015 a new great add is welcome to the company: Nacho Monge, a well known producer with a complete experience on cinema production. Visual Loop is founded with the aim of providing quality to the audio-visual production in Spain.

More than two hundred national and international awards in different areas of audiovisual festivals are the background of a team with over 10 years of experience. Two Goya awards, one FIAP  and a One Show award are some of them. Visual Loop work transforming ideas, providing solutions and generating projects. Work, solvency and talent.


A dynamic company able to develop projects in various areas of audiovisual, and a production team to help our customers in advertising, entertainment and business. Experience and ideas help us to develop with strength and consistency any audiovisual production.


For Visual Loop creativity it is not just a way to build a movie or a communication concept, but also a way to manage the production, service and the way we offer solutions. That is why we are something more than what you have seen before: To give back to customers a multiplied creativity input which increases the projection of the final product – What we call “Creative Feedback”.