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Wake and patitos

Burn, Coca Cola’s energetic drink, is going to produce a film which documents the actions of artists and sportspeople who, applying creativeness to their disciplines, manage to create moments of real poetry. Amateurs filmed as professional stars. Creativeness and visual art.


Producing several viral pieces which, as a trailer, incite other artists and sportspeople to take part in the documentary film. Subsequently, this action will be also included in the film premiered in cinemas. In this case, we were ordered a wakeboard action.


A water line in a park in Madrid was filled with 28.000 rubber ducks where the expert riders sailed making incredible tricks while they were dragged by the engine of a motorbike ready for it. Action and cold at 4ºC. 5 friends who achieve the dream of sailing over rubber ducks.


Two cameras to film the wakeboard expert riders’ impossible tricks. Thousands of rubber ducks which cover a water line in a park in Madrid.

Effort, fun and… cold!!

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