Producción que presenta UNIVERSIA, la mayor red universitaria del mundo. Un proyecto internacional del Banco Santander para la universidad, con gran impacto en Iberoamérica.

Our First Scholars

Ten years have gone by. Our lives have changed. We are not where we were anymore. We have evolved and built our lives. Some of us have been helped; helped by Banco Santander’s scholarship. Three scholarship holders by the first Banco Santander’s scholarship program have built their successful lives and they know that the help received was important.

Grant Holders

Two Banco Santander’s awardees relate the achievements and the new aims of Universities Division. They explain to the spectator all the necessary to be brought up to date about the activity of this Division.

Director´s Plan

Planning is important for a great corporation such as Banco Santander. In this case, one of its divisions, Santander University, is showing its future plans and how to carry them out to all its components. The best way: an explanatory and clear video.

Investor Day

Banco Santander’s International Conference in London. The red bank spreads through the British Islands; and through the world. The red colour goes through the London sky, close to the Big Ben, together with the red urban buses.

Inside Out

Students, lecturers and Bank’s workers working together for High Education and Knowledge. An abstract environment which shows past and future work of Santander University Division. Once again, collective work redounds to the benefit of society, the benefit of all of us.


Origami, oriental discipline, based on reflection and action. Turning a material into a new shape by a considered fold. Transformation. Search of new aims and modus operandi. New strategies.

Chancelors meeting

Universia’s International Conference in Mexico. Bank’s executives, universities’s vice-chancellors and higher education agents’ meeting to make the cooperation among universities of the whole world and the students and knowledge interchange easier.

A day in the life

A student awarded by Banco Santander. The university branches and the Bank’s support to the World University Network. A Division with the future and the future for the students.

División América

Three annual corporate videos. Banco Santander’s American Division documents and informs about its annual achievements and aims, always with an original, attractive and personal point of view.