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Origami, oriental discipline, based on reflection and action. Turning a material into a new shape by a considered fold. Transformation. Search of new aims and modus operandi. New strategies.
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Illustrating the results and the transformation decision of Banco Santander’s American Division.


Corporate video filmed in chroma and at high speed with an Arri Alexa camera. A subtle and delicate pre-production process. An expert in origami and a tight story to include the character into a corporate and attractive world. High level 2D and 3D post-production.


A Japanese origami expert, several weeks of training and an actor are the basis of this video. Filmed on a chroma set, the actor shows how American Division’s transformation is possible. Filmed with Arri Alexa at 120 fps. An extreme treatment of the colour and visual effects which are possible just starting from a filming measured at the minimum detail.

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