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Nature, people, facilities and modernity. The bases of Iberdrola are joined in an audio-visual conceived for a spectacular dimension double screen. The first screen allows seeing, when it is turned off, what the back screen shows.
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Creating a 15 minutes audio-visual which livens up the previous moments of Iberdrola’s events and, specially, the shareholders’ meeting that took place at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao.


A real image layer based on time lapse of nature, company’s facilities and people was created for the back screen. A month of filming throughout Spain with a robotized equipment to film extremely beauty images. From the detail of a flower to the immensity of the hydroelectric dams of the River Duero.
In the front screen, however, the graphic details express the company’s basic concepts.
From the union of both, warmth and modernity are joined to surprise the audience.



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