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Iberdrola Tower

Bilbao’s evolution goes together with the ria and Abandoibarra’s remodelling. The culmination of this process has a proper name: Torre Iberdrola. A bid of the Basque company for modernity and sustainability. Designed by the Argentinian architect César Pelli (Petronas Towers), Torre Iberdrola is a landmark of Spanish and worldwide architecture which puts Bilbao in the spotlight once again.


Producing a promotional video of Torre Iberdrola relating not only its construction but also what it provides to the Basque company and society.


The building’s origin is energy: The energy emerged from an idea. A filming which lasts six months. Indoors, outdoors, time lapse, aerial image, interviews to Iberdrola’s Chairman, to Bilbao’s Major and, of course, to its architect, Cesar Pelli in New Haven (USA), and the use of cranes and other devices get that the video is full of attractive and spectacular images. Besides, a careful soundtrack and an elegant graphism and a concept which spins the whole video.