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Light pong masters

Viral piece included in a 360º campaign for Madrid City Council. Promotion of the energetic saving. Two young people and a friend of them who works as cameraman, record what they are able to do to turn their houses’ lights off. Extreme skill which mixes fun and global consciousness. Real or irreal? Controversial. Amazing. Viral.


Every piece of the campaign had a defined target. In the case of this viral piece the target is young people who enjoy watching “impossible” videos on the Internet.


2 minutes indoor madness with tennis table balls. The message: switch your lights off, and if it is not funny to you, maybe in this way, it will become your favourite hobby. We teach you how to switch them off even from the Street, in case you are out and you left any light on.  Try to do it, the planet will thank you and you will have a time of fun.


One of the virals which has caused a lot of controversy due to it’s not known if it is real or not. Of course, everything is post-production. HD filming to help post-production and visual effects, in spite of being in SD to help the “amateur” effect. Colour retouching, reframing with camera movement, time warping, rotoscoping, and motion graphics for table tennis balls which were not there.