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Poker Face

Feature Film (35mm).

Directed by Carlos Therón.

Produced by Nacho Monge and Rafael Álvarez.

Cast: Julián Villagrán, Nacho Vidal, Marta Torné, Manolo Solo, Selu Nieto, José Luis García Pérez, Víctor Clavijo, Carolina Bona, Pepo Oliva, Pepón Nieto…

Sponsored by the Regional Government of Andalucía, Asturias, The Sociedad Mixta de Turismo of Gijón and the Ministry of Culture.


“Okay, maybe you stand in the wrong line for two hours, dive head-first into the kiddie pool or say another girl’s name while boning your girlfriend and fine, call it bad luck.

But if you crash a stolen car loaded with cash you’re delivering to the biggest bad ass of all time, call it bad luck if you want, but the truth is, you fucked up.

You fucked up big-time”.

An ENIGMA FILMS and MEDIAGRAMA production / VISUAL LOOP is the sum of their associates experiences