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Lang Lang

The internationally known pianist Lang Lang offers a holographic concert to Telefónica’s guests. He performs various pieces of his repertoire though a three-dimensional projection. Virtual presence for one of the genius of the contemporary music.


Creating a holographic atmosphere and a virtual concert of Lang Lang.


A holographic video in which the Chinese pianist, Lang Lang performed various works of his repertoire, was projected. This video was filmed on a black set over a revolving platform while the famous pianist played the piano. A great challenge due to the difficulty to film it, which was solved thanks to the quality of the Arri Alexa camera. At the same time, some close shots of the pianist and of his hands were projected in the central screens. Thanks to Lang Lang for his good mood and for delight us with his music. Besides, a holographic corporate three-dimensional animation is created for the show.


A 12 m diameter revolving platform in which there is a grand piano. Perfect tuning for the great master. Filming with Arri Alexa to get the maximum detail and possibility of colour retouching. A great work of diffused lighting was carried out to make magic with the piano and isolate it without reflections in a dark environment.