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The magnetic tree

Feature Film (35mm).

Written and directed by Isabel Ayguavives.

Produced by Nacho Monge, Rafael Álvarez and Sergio Gándara.

Cast: Manuela Martelli, Andrés Gertrudix, Catalina Saavedra, Gonzalo Robles…

Sponsored by TVE, Ministry of Culture, the Regional Government of Galicia, Ibermedia and CORFO.


Bruno returns to his country after a long absence. The country house that he shared with his family as a child is now for sale, and they all gather together to say their goodbyes. A visit to the “magnetic tree”, a strange local attraction, will stir in him sensations and longings that were almost forgotten.

A Spain – Chile coproduction  (DOS35 – Parox) VISUAL LOOP is the sum of their associates experiences